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Interior Alignment ®  Professional Certification Programs

Interior Alignment is a feng shui system that uses native concepts from all over the world to recognize and use the power of nature and energy in the environment.


It is the School of Feng Shui and Space Clearing founded by Denise Linn, one of the best selling authors in feng shui, and authors of some of the first books in English. We utilize this energy to empower how you want to feel in a space and even in your life. We honor ancient knowledge, and at the same time educate clients on 21st century healthy home practices.


Interior Alignment® Certification Levels:


Instinctive Feng Shui  uses color, scent, sounds, symbolism, shapes, and the concepts of how energy moves through a space; what makes it move fast, what makes it slow down, what causes it to get stuck. And how each of these conditions affects the people who live or work  there.


Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing is the process to remove stagnant energy forces from a building, house blessings, and other ceremonies to consecrate spaces. We work with the traditional type of 'cures' (mirrors, crystals, plants), but also use other subtle methods, to change the energy of a space. 


Both of these practices use a guided visualization process called Synchro-Alignment™ to connect your client with their own wisdom and guidance, and provides a profound result just used on it's own.


Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment (CPIA): Both of these certifications are considered the Full Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment Certification. Inner Harmony offers these courses separately and also combined into one Double CERTIFICATION!


The Interior Alignment® Practitioner Curriculum:

Instinctive Feng Shui:

  • History of feng shui in the world
  • Yin/Yang spaces
  • What is Chi
  • Using the Five Elements as tools to understand and change a space,
  • Basic principals of arrangement and chi flow, the Bagua and how to create a space that supports the clients needs
  • Form Feng Shui, the energy of shapes and patterns
  • Feng Shui of the land
  • Feng Shui for the home
  • Feng shui for business
  • Use of colors, shapes, symbols and other aspects of space in a home for creation of balance and energy
  • Metaphors in the home and how they influence the clients
  • Symbolism of art and photos in a space
  • The power of light and color and the energy it creates in a space
  • Reading and working with complex floor plans
  • Performing a supervised client consultation
  • Discovering changes you can make to your own home

Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing:

  • Connecting with energy
  • reading energy of a space
  • working with the four elements of nature
  • air-fire-water-earth to understand how their energy can be used to shift and change a space
  •  creating meaningful altars
  • connecting with your guides, totems and angels
  • creating blessing ceremonies
  • learning to use various methods and tools for clearing space and setting intention
  • and clutter clearing
  • how to prepare yourself for safe, powerful and effective space clearings
  • dealing with ghosts and other energies
  • remote space clearing techniques
  • dowsing work


Our connection to our home:

  • How we are linked to our homes

  • How to create a home for the soul

  • Using Synchro-Alignment processes to assist your client's connection and understanding of their home, and is messages for them

  • Using this connection to understand what our clients need, and how to assist them in creating this template

Healthy Home Concepts:

  • The powerful uses of nature and it's cycles on uplifting human health
  • The important of natural light and effects of artificial lighting
  • How harmful chemicals gain entrance to your home
  • Locating EMF's by using a EMF reader and how to limit their negative impact on health
  • Using safe and natural means to clean the air
  • Building and remodeling information for creating a natural and healthy home
  • The power of clutter clearing and how to be a clutter clearing coach for your clients,
  • And MORE!

Professional Practitioner Business Information

  • How to conduct effective and powerful consultations
  • How to connect with clients through marketing and networking
  • Creating your professional image
  • Create the list of services you can offer when you arrive back home
  • Creating a business filled with joy, integrity and ethics
  • Workshop and seminar ideas
  • Basic marketing concepts to launch your practice, and MORE!

Become certified as a full Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment®, which includes all information, or as an Instinctive Feng Shui Practitioner or a Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing Practitioner .

Course Format:

Internet Introduction with Onsite Intensive for Certification

Inner Harmony offers the certification program most often in a combination Online and onsite program.

The Internet based portion of the course provides the background reading materials, some recorded lecture in easy to follow email lessons. Group classes have a weekly teleconference to share homework questions, and prepare for the next weeks assignment. All information is based on the Interior Alignment Practitioner manual written by Denise Linn. The internet portion of the course gives you background and basics, with homework assignments to be applied in your own home, that brings the information to life. Assignment result are shared with your classmates in the email group established for the class. As a group, we share experiences and ask questions just as if we were in a round circle forum. With the basics covered and having personal experience with the power of making small but significant changes in your own home, you are ready to take your knowledge to the next level of the professional.

The on-site intensive puts your new knowledge into action by experiencing actual client consultations, ceremonies, and ‘hands-on’  Synchro Alignment techniques. This intensive allows you to further develop your own energetic sensitivities as well as confidence in the knowledge and skills your have developed. 

There are other authorized formats for IA training, that we can chat about if you are interested in private training options.

Advanced Interior Alignment® &

Medicine Wheel Feng Shui Certification  

Advanced Interior Alignment Course is designed to expand practitioners skills, and grow in their abilities and confidence with the four elements, synchro-alignment practices and their ability to use shamanic feng shui practices.

This course also certifies you as a MEDICINE WHEEL FENG SHUI™ PRACTITIONER, providing new ways to conduct powerful consultations based on the medicine wheel and a four element house system.

Learn more about this advanced course option

See the calendar for upcoming group events details



Master Teacher Certification  

I'm proud to be able to offer you the ability to become a Master Teacher of Interior Alignment, able to teach and certify new practitioner level students (CPFS, CPSC, CPIA).

To qualify for this course, you must hold a CPIA and AIA level of certification.

Applications for Master Teacher Training are available on the website, outlining all requirements for candidates.

 For more details, please email me!       



Read what LuAnn's Students say about their experience in training with LuAnn!

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Interior Alignment


I  very much believe that your home is a reflect of your soul.

The two practices of Instinctive Feng Shui and Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing are tied together.

However, you can also take both certification separately. 

Changing a home will indeed change how people feel, how people act, what they can do and accomplish.


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Read what LuAnn's Students say about their experience in training with LuAnn!


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