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For the Study of Chi, in feng shui, space clearing, life coaching,

the power of nature and the magical use of intention


with Master Educator, LuAnn Cibik

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Ceremony and Space Clearing to create the

Life of your Dreams!

This i Online course was recorded and now available

Join LuAnn Cibik, Master Educator of Interior Alignment, to learn about the various tools use by professional space clearing practitioners in order to clear the energy of your home and program it's energy for the life of your dreams.

This class is held in 4 sections with over 4 hours of audio content and a separately recorded space clearing journey to use with your home using a special finger mapping method for sensing and clearing energy.

You will e able to also join the Facebook Dream Life community to ask questions and share information on an ongoing basis!

When you have shifted your life, or gone through life changing events, a ceremony and space clearing in your home can assist you in moving forward:

  • Learn what space clearing is, and what it does in a home
  • Power of Ceremony to process and fully release the past in order to move forward into a magnificent future
  • How to use various tools for space clearing, and why you might choose specific types of tools for the best clearing
  • Learn the four step to creating a powerful clearing that lasts into the future
  • Practice a floorplan finger mapping technique of clearing on your own home to discover areas that need more attention or items that need to be released of moved.
  • Discover where the energy blockages are in your home, and how to adjust them
  • How to create a home intention altar, it's best placement and how it can energize your whole home
  • Ways to use crystals, bells, singing bowls, gongs, essential oils, feathers, drums, incense, sage, palo santo, chimes, tuning forks and much more.


"I'm excited about this online workshop!

To prepare for the class I encourage you to clutter clear, and release 11 items from your home. Eleven is a master number, and says to the universe that you are ready to release old patterns. You will also want to draw a floorplan of your home for use in the class online clearing.

You will also want to spend some time prior ot the class thinking of what you want to call into your life. Over break, you will have the opportunity to create your intention altar for your home and dream life.  In the afternoon you will be doing a space clearing on your home, using a powerful finger mapping technique.
Handouts on the information presented will be available to class participants. I look forward to connecting with you in our private Facebook community for this Dream Life Program"




Workshop fee:

$88 including videos, Class Facebook group membership and downloadable materials.


Or, send your check and registration form to:

LuAnn Cibik
Inner Harmony , Inc.
825 Lovers Leap Rd
Leechburg PA 15656