Inner Harmony School


For the Study of Chi, in feng shui, space clearing, life coaching,

the power of nature and the magical use of intention


with Master Educator, LuAnn Cibik

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Use the secrets of Feng Shui to create the

Life of your Dreams!

Join LuAnn Cibik, Master Educator of Interior Alignment, to learn about the various tools used by professional feng shui practitioners in order to allow your home to become a template for your soul's dreams.

This is an online course series, with 4+ hour workshops on a variety of topics. Each is targeted to have you understand the concepts and be able to apply the learning to your own home.  Live classes are announced on LuAnn's Newsletter and Facebook Page, and there is a treasury of recorded programs for you to relax, watch and learn at your leisure. There is also a Facebook community for people who have taken the Dream Life  courses to connect, ask questions and share!


The Magic of Color for your Dream Life

Color is one of the most powerful tools you can use in feng shui, space clearing and personal empowerment Online live on Recorded January 23,2021

Stones & Crystals for your Dream Life

Working with crystals in feng shui, space clearing and personal empowerment. Gridding, elixirs, adjustments and more!

Recorded November 2020

Ceremony and Space Clearing for your Dream Life

Learn how to do powerful personal  ceremony and energy clearing for your home with a variety of tools and methods

Recorded October 2020

Feng Shui for your Dream Life

5 hours of online education on the use of the Bagua, with many unique types of floorplans and situations.

Recorded Sept 2020