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For the Study of Chi, in feng shui, space clearing, life coaching,

the power of nature and the magical use of intention


with Master Educator, LuAnn Cibik

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Use the secrets of Feng Shui to create the

Life of your Dreams!

September 5, 2020 - 9 am - 4pm

Online course - will also be recorded

Join LuAnn Cibik, Master Educator of Interior Alignment, to learn about the various tools use by professional feng shui practitioners in order to allow your home to become a template for your soul's dreams.

The class will be offered on ZOOM, and will be offered in two 2.5 sections with a break in between in order for you to process the learning of the morning and come back to the afternoon of more advanced information and techniques to empower your dream.

People with all levels of feng shui knowledge will find content here to enhance their understanding of:

  • The components of feng shui and the energy surrounding your home that can be impacting your life
  • Power of Command position and the Power position in every room
  • The magic map of the home, called the Bagua, and the meaning each of those areas has on your life. Understand your home from basement to attic and the implications on your life
  • Discover what rooms in your home have the most impact on the life of your dreams
  • The power of gratitude and intention altars in the home
  • Learn how to apply the bagua to complex floorplans, and submit your floorplan to be potentially used as an example of laying out the bagua.
  • Ways to adjust for bonus and missing areas.
  • Understand for each area of the bagua the elements, colors, numerology, stones, symbolism, geometry and even textures that enhance the energy of each space.

There will be time at the end of the live program to ask questions. This workshop will also be recorded, and available to listen to again, whenever you live ( will be uploaded within 24 hours of end of program)

Program is limited to 30 LIVE participants.

"I'm excited about this online workshop! I will be limiting the number of live participants to 30 in order to able to answer questions.

To prepare for the class and get the most ytou will be able to send your floorplans and a dream that you want to manifest in your life, I will use as many of these examples as possible in my presentation and if not answered there, I will email you privately with that information.

I am going to be diving deep into the use of the Bagua, as well as work with complex floorplans. This workshop is great for both novices and experts. We will work with more than the traditional cures for these spaces, making them even more customized for your dreams, and your decor.
Class will be recorded and available to listen to later. Handouts on the bagua and other information presented will be available to class participants"




Workshop fee:

$53 including your ZOOM link, and downloadable materials.

Limited space, register early to avoid disappointment!


Or, send your check and registration form to:

LuAnn Cibik
Inner Harmony , Inc.
825 Lovers Leap Rd
Leechburg PA 15656