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For the Study of Chi, in feng shui, space clearing, life coaching,

the power of nature and the magical use of intention


with Master Educator, LuAnn Cibik

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Sacred Circles Intention Jewelry Workshop



April 18th, 2020

1pm - 4:30 pm

Natural Elements Retreat Center


Union City  PA (near Erie)


What we wear can affect us at a profound level.

Our clothing and jewelry are our most personal and intimate environment. Using the power of feng shui, and the natural energy of the earth, in each session you will create a personal power talisman, a sacred bracelet to empower a goal!

Section One: Learn about Feng Shui principals and how it connects to everything around you

  • The power of color, itís meaning and how it can influence you in your home, clothing, and jewelry;
  • Your best colors for strength, healing, and for stepping into your personal power;
  • Your personal power color for your current goals;
  • The basics of numerology and the power of each number to support an intention;
  • How to use oracle cards to help understand more about how to accomplish your personal goal.

Section Two: Creation!

  • Create a bracelet of necklace to honor a message or intention you want to manifest.
  • Create a second jewelry item for yourself or a friend to hold a

Section Three: Learn about

  • the use of minerals, crystals, and gemstones through the ages for healing, health and empowerment;
  • some of the basic go-to stones for energy and empowerment;
  • how to work with stones, programming and clearing them;
  • chakra energy and the stones for chakra support;
  • experience a guided journey to find your gemstone ally.

Workshop fee:

$88 including your jewelry making materials!

LuAnn has trained extensively with Denise Linn and is a Certified Master Educator in Interior Alignment, a Soul Coaching Master Practitioner/Trainer, and coordinator for Denise's Linn events since 2003 and organizer of 7 feng shui inernational conferences, inclusing the Ancient Secrets Conference. She has taught sacred jewelry design at Denise Linn's Red Lotus Mystery School, and has been created sacred jewelry since 2006.

Limited space, register early to avoid disappointment!


Or, send your deposit check and registration form to:

LuAnn Cibik
Inner Harmony , Inc.
825 Lovers Leap Rd
Leechburg PA 15656