Inner Harmony School


For the Study of Chi, in feng shui, space clearing, life coaching,

the power of nature and the magical use of intention


with Master Educator, LuAnn Cibik

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Are you wanting a life filled with more joy and harmony? And a bit of Enchantment?


Are you ready to expand your horizons to use magical tools, such as your dreams,

feng shui, space clearing, essential oils and much much more?


Are you looking for a community of like minded people to learn with,

and share experiences, with out having to leave your home?


Do you love the freedom to learn on your own timing?


Led By LuAnn Cibik



"I have been dreaming of creating a community who loves to learn, and share and support each other on their spiritual life journey. I love connecting with students and grads from past programs, and I also love meeting new friends!


This community will allow me to connect with amazing people , bring those people together and also share my passions for living an Enchanted Life  with you!


There will be a weekly teleconference calls, with information and opportunity for sharing and questions. And I plan to run a series of my courses in the community (some that have been online before, and some that have only been in person). Everything from dreaming to sacred jewelry, feng shui to essential oils, AND it will be only for my community members!


The way this will work is there is one low monthly subscription payment, which gives you access to EVERYTHING in the program . You will become a member of a private Facebook group which will be the resource central of all the downloadable goodies for learning, as well as the information for the weekly teleconference calls or ZOOM meetups.


Join now and your price remains the same! ( as the content in the program grows, the membership fee will too)


Join this month, and be a FOUNDING member of the community, and not miss a thing! And, also lock in the FOUNDING member monthly rate of $33 ( this rate  for new members will be going up in July, however, you will be locked in at this low rate for as long as you maintain your membership!)





Your Community Leader, LuAnn Cibik


"LuAnn has an amazing ability to create magical environments, where she shares her vast knowledge and experience in fun and easy to understand ways. I've thoroughly enjoyed every class I've taken with her! "


Felicia D'Haiti, Maryland USA


LuAnn is a phenomenal teacher and mentor. You not only complete her courses as a competent practitioner, but also as a better version on you! LuAnn is inspiring in her courses and her teaching style is made to dive deeply into your own self, so you can pass on the skills and breathe of knowledge to others. Her courses, whether it be an online course for Soul Coaching, a full week immersed into Interior Alignment or a weekend focused on your own inner harmony; you always learn so much more about yourself, your strengths, wisdom and the values your hold close."


Nicole Pavetti., Pennsylvania USA



Enchanted Dreaming

6 Weeks of Becoming a Powerful Dreamer

Based on the Gateway Dreaming program!


In this program you will learn everything about how to sleep deeper, dream better, how to remember and interpret your dreams. Then move in in your skills to being a dream healer and in astral travel!


My goal during our next 6 weeks is to allow you to become more aware of your dreams, to use them to gain insight into your life, and heal your body during your sleep. As you gain more control over your dreams, we will practice astral travel, and at the end of our course, we will have an Astral travel Slumber party, where we gather in the dream world and celebrate our success.


Our Teleconference calls for this first 6 week series will be on Mondays at 6-7pm ET


Want to learn more about this community?

Please call 724-316-2428 or email LuAnn at








Enchanted Living Community of Spiritual Learners!

with Master Teacher  LuAnn Cibik