Inner Harmony: Personal Feng Shui  

Are you looking  to create a more uplifting and harmonious environment in your home or office, and use the power of energy to uplift your life in powerful ways?


This online and teleconference program allows you to use your own home, and step by step look at how it feels and functions for you.  At a much deeper level, we will also be looking at how you life is functioning, are you achieving your goals, or what problems do you seem to be having.


We will not be learning 'rules', but rather, opening you eyes, ears, nose, touch, and intuition to feeling what your environment is programmed for. Then, using the tools or color, shape, symbolism, sound, and scent, how you can change your space for your true wishes and intentions.


We will use Denise Linn 'Sacred Space' and 'Feng Shui for the Soul' books as our reference materials.  You will also receive a mini Space Clearing tool kit, your Inner Harmony: Personal Feng Shui workbook (in electronic format), and downloadable lectures to assist you in your feng shui journey.


This program teaches you:

  • To analyze the balance and harmony in your life

  • Energy 101 - What is Chi

  • The power of the bagua

  • The Five elements energy and their use as tools to adjust your space

  • Use of COLOR for enhancing energy

  • Symbolism of arrangement, in furniture, floors plan, and even objects on shelves and desks

  • Clearing the energy of a space and inviting in the energy you need

  • How to Create INTENTIONAL  Space

  • Feng Shui redesign tips to make powerful changes in your space for very little money

  • Easy ways to INSTANTLY uplift the energy of any space, useful when you are away from home

  • And much much more

Please plan to spend 4-6 hours on each week's lesson to achieve the best effect in your home and life! At the end of this course you will:

  • Understand how to place furniture in your rooms in ways that allow the chi to flow and to feel empowered

  • How to use color and other design elements to create the exact find of feeling or energy that you want in a space

  • To use powerful INTENTION within a space to empower and enhance areas of your life, such as career, abundance or relationship

  • How to use essential oils to enhance the energy of a space

  • How to clear your energy and the energy of your home

  • How to choose artwork and other design elements to create a sense of harmony and function

  • Tips and techniques for clearing clutter and creating clarity

  • What your natural element is, and how to create the kind of space YOU need to feel completely at home.



Enroll now and start

manifesting change in your life!





8 week Online course


Tuition of $495 Includes:


Your Inner Harmony: Personal Feng Shui  workbook.


Downloadable lectures on each weeks topics.


Course reference materials,

including Denise Linn's

books 'Feng Shui for the Soul' and 'Sacred Space'


8 weeks of access to LuAnn for daily coaching, questions and answers


Your home assignments will be reviewed, and information and personal tips on your home

will be sent to you from  LuAnn


A Space Clearing tool kit for

clearing your home's energy


Certificate of completion

when all assignment are completed




This course is perfect for those looking to

create magic in their own spaces.


If you are interested in becoming a

Professional Feng Shui Consultant

please consider my

Interior Alignment® Practitioner Certification Course



"LuAnn....thanks for a fantastic class,

I have learned and grown so much!

It was excellent~ I really loved it!


Best of success, Sherry Sorenson"