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Interior Alignment®


The Instinctive Feng Shui Interior Alignment® certification program is a 100 hour program that gives you the experience of working on your own home, while teaching you professional level information and the techniques to work with clients in persona and in distance consultations.





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About LuAnn Cibik




"LuAnn is a phenomenal teacher and mentor. You not only complete her courses as a competent practitioner, but also as a better version on you!  LuAnn is inspiring in her courses and her teaching style is made to dive deeply into your own self, so you can pass on the skills and breathe of knowledge to others. 

Her courses, whether it be a full week immersed into Interior Alignment or a weekend focused on your own inner harmony; you always learn so much more about yourself, your strengths, wisdom and the values your hold close."

 Nicole P. - AIA/MWFS 2017


This course not only teaches you the principals of ancient feng shui, but gives you the understanding of how to apply these with clients in the most effective way for their home, their goals and their challenges.

Our system is very heart centered, assisting clients with creating a Home for their Soul.

You will learn how to apply this work not only in person, but via distance consultations and your will experience doing both in class.


Some special aspects of this

course with LuAnn:


"I was trained as a Colour Therapist for the Home prior to being a feng shui practitioner, and I bring you additional information about color and it's impact on us, that is deeper than the feng shui meanings of color"


"I hold certification in Fashion Feng shui and during class we will look at the feng shui of what's in your closet and how this most intimate environment, what you wear can make a huge influence on how you feel every day"


"I am passionate about the power of nature on helping us have more inner peace and harmony. I will share how to bring the power of the forest into your space in very doable ways that will make a difference on your health and well being"


"I am passionate about empowering my graduates! I want to see you succeed in your dreams! I have my own internal group of graduates where I share new information and offer support. I also have very special mentoring prices for my graduates who want ongoing support with consultations or other aspects in business"









Interior Alignment®

Instinctive Feng Shui Practitioner

May 16 - Aug 7 2022

You are invited to a unique and memorable experience, immerse yourself in the study of Instinctive Feng Shui course in the comfort of your own home!

This professional level certification course will be held over 18 3-hour LIVE online sessions, that you can enjoy from your own home, with LuAnn and your classmates. These classes will be Mondays and Tuesdays, from 9 am - noon ET.

You will have reading and homework assignments, and enjoy doing 3 supported feng shui consultations on your way to graduation in August. Learn how to do powerful in-person and distance consultations with your future clients, as well as other powerful services to offer them.

This professional level course allows you to step into your mastery in feng shui, without having to travel or take time away from home.

Registration deadline May 9, 2022

The Interior Alignment® Instinctive Feng Shui Practitioner Curriculum:

Our connection to our home:

  • How we are linked to our homes

  • How to create a home for the soul

  • Use our very special Synchro-Alignment™ processes to assist your client's connection and understanding of their home, and is messages for them

  • Using Synchro-Alignment information to understand what our clients need

Instinctive Feng Shui Practice:

  • History of feng shui in the world through all indigenous cultures
  • Understanding the power of Yin and Yang in spaces
  • Learning about CHI and how is moves in spaces, as defined by the five elements
  • Using the Five Elements as tools to understand and change a space,
  • The in depth principals of powerful arrangement and chi flow
  • How to use the Bagua, based on 4 gates school, and how it various based on your hemisphere, connecting with the way energy flows based on your location
  • Form School Feng Shui, the power of the land, the rivers, the roads and interior the energy of shapes and patterns
  • Feng Shui of the land
  • Feng Shui for the home
  • Feng shui for business, special tips and methods
  • Use of colors, shapes, symbols and other aspects of space in a home for creation of balance and energy
  • How to read floor plans, and work powerfully with distance clients
  • How to perform an effective and meaningful client consultation
  • Learn by evaluating your own home and making changes and feeling the effects.
  • Using Color for ultimate results
  • The power of using Western Astrology with your clients and their homes

Healthy Home Concepts:

  • Importance of nature and it's cycles on human health
  • The power of natural light
  • How harmful chemicals gain entrance to your home, and how to clear them
  • Locating EMF's by using a EMF reader and how to limit their negative impact on health
  • Using safe and natural means to clean the air
  • Building and remodeling information for creating a natural and healthy home
  • The power of clutter clearing and how to be a clutter clearing coach for your clients, and MORE!

Professional Practitioner Business Information

  • How to conduct effective and powerful consultations
  • How to  connect with clients through marketing and networking
  • How to create your professional image and identify your target clients
  • How to create a business filled with joy, integrity and ethics
  • How to implement workshop and seminar ideas
  • Learn basic marketing concepts to launch your practice, and MORE!


Denise Linn, Founder of Interior Alignment  and LuAnn Cibik have been working closely together since training as a Master Teacher in 2003. 

Your Teacher : LuAnn Cibik

Master Educator for Interior Alignment®


LuAnn has been a full time feng shui practitioner since 2002, and brings the experience of working with hundreds of clients to her teaching, so that you are not just learning theory, but actual ways to work with a variety of type of clients. (residential, business, etc)


 LuAnn has been a leading member of the Interior Alignment Foundation Council since appointed by Denise, and has worked closely with Denise as her assistant at many courses, seven Interior Alignment Conferences  and other events. She is a long time member of the International Feng Shui Guild, and Inner Harmony Feng Shui school is an approved school by the IFSG. She has been a guest instructor at the New England School of Feng Shui and the International School of Feng Shui, San Diego.


LuAnn has taught over 50  Interior Alignment® certification programs and has held courses worldwide.  She is based in Pennsylvania USA.



This Unique Experience Includes:


  • 18 3-hour class times online LIVE courses with LuAnn and your classmates, to be able to interactively learn this ancient process of working with the energy of homes

  • Weekly short one on one meetings with LuAnn to ask any questions about the assignment or observations you want to share privately.

  • Three supported feng shui consultations, supported by LuAnn so that you can confidently do this work with clients after graduation

  • Your Interior Alignment Practitioner Kit, with your practitioner manual, tote bag, pen, and other goodies to help you during your course and stepping confidently into your practice

  • You receive the powerful  Interior Alignment Practitioner manual, including our unique bagua for the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Recorded guided journeys by LuAnn to use to connect deeper with the energy of nature and your home.

  • Weekly assignments that allow you to step by step work on your own home, and understanding its energy.


This Instinctive Feng Shui Certification Includes:


This course enables you:

  • Understand the power of nature within a home and it's use in feng shui

  • Understanding Healthy Home concepts and key aspects to check with every client for their health and wellbeing

  • Understand how to help client create safe and healthy homes, and ways to remediate problems

  • Connect in a powerful way with clients to provide the ultimate in consultation services

  • Services in addition to the standard feng shui analysis to offer to clients, such as Synchro-Alignment, Clutter Clearing, and more

  • Powerful ways to work with floor plans, the bagua and five elements

  • Ways to structure your feng shui consulting services to bring you joy and income

  • Becoming a member of the Interior Alignment® Practitioner private Facebook Group and the Linn Academy Facebook group, with marketing opportunities on those websites.



TRANSFORM into the PRACTITIONER by accessing your TALENTS and SKILLS!


I believe the world needs  Interior Alignment® practitioners; today than ever before.  As a feng shui practice that honors native traditions of all lands, understands 21st century living and health home practices, we are the best at making each home a sacred space!


While the 'feng shui' trend is back on the rise, according to Hay House, and there is a significant rise in conscious living, and Interior Alignment is the system positioned to assist people in this way. We honor the old traditions while recognizing we live in a modern world.


From LuAnn


Our class will start first in an email group on May 16, with welcome information and where you all get that chance in to introduce yourself online, and we get ready for our first online class on May 22.


Class times will be on Sundays, from May 22 - July 10th. We will determine the actual time of the class based on where students are located in the world. Classes are LIVE and you need to attend all classes for graduation.

We will also meet private weekly for a quick 10-15 minute check in, so that if you have any questions about that weeks assignments or anything else you want to share outside the group setting we have that time. It is my intention that you feel as supported in this online course as if you were here in person.


Between July 10 and Aug 8, is your third consultation with a client of your choosing. During this time we will have a longer private check-in and review of your recommendations for your client.


On Aug 9 we have our final class with sharing consultation success stories, business information and graduation.




Secure your space now with a Paypal deposit of $1000 

 Click here to register! to print a registration form and mail with a check deposit


Tuition: $3850

Tuition includes all class materials needed and some bonus goodies to enhance your office and support your practice.

I accept payment for course via check, but I can also accept Visa and MasterCard using Paypal.

Course Withdrawal Policy:

    In case of student withdrawal:

  • If cancellation is any time on or before May 1 a full refund will be issued, minus a $100 processing fee. 
  • If the cancellation after May 1 the deposit can be applied to an upcoming course, or a portion of the deposit may be refunded based on the amount of supplies that have already been purchased and or mailed for the class.
  • Payment in full for the course is due by May 16, 2022
  • If the student must cancel after May 16, no refund on the course is issued. However the student may apply their tuition to a future certification course by LuAnn. A portion of the tuition may not be transferable based on the amount of materials and supplies  that have already been purchased/reserved  for the class.
  • All live classes must be attended. In case of emergency and class is missed the student must watch the recorded class and have an hour session with LuAnn at an additional cost of $150 to answer questions about the class to insure competence in the material.
  • If a student leaves the course through cancellation or by missing classes without making them up, they must return the Interior Alignment® Practitioner manual, as this is copyright protected materials.

What if there is a class time that I cannot attend over these 3 months?

If you let me know ahead of time, classes can be recorded, and you will be responsible to watch and then during our mid-week check in you have that opportunity to ask questions and I will also verify that you have gotten the concepts form that session.

Why kind of technology do I need to attend this class?

You will need to be able to use ZOOM (a free program) on video, meaning you will need either a smartphone, ipad or computer with a video camera. While I will share various software tools one can use to create reports and other deliverables to clients, there is no need to have any of these to do your consultations needed for graduation.

Is this a recorded class that I can learn at my own pace?

No, this  class is focused and formatted for live class participation, interaction and assignments. In order to graduate, all assignments are due by Aug 8.  With this Interior Alignment(R) certification, the personal connection between teacher and student is an important part of passing down this legacy of sacred work.

If you are interested in doing a class at your own pace, contact me about setting up a private training schedule, where we can work at your pace with our scheduled live times. Private training in this course is $5300, due to the 60 hours of private instruction. Contact me at 724-316-2428 to discuss the plan that would work for you. 

How to I register?

Send your deposit to register here!


Interior Alignment® Feng Shui &  Space Clearing Certification