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Advanced Interior Alignment® &

Medicine Wheel Feng Shui Practitioner

Double Certification Course


September 19-23, 2022


Inner Harmony Retreat Center - Leechburg PA USA


You are invited to a unique and memorable experience,

immerse yourself in the study of Advanced IA & Medicine Wheel Feng Shui.





In addition to the campfires and the evening drumming to connect with the spirits of nature

on the 88 acres of Inner Harmony/Inner Strength Retreat Center,

students attend the local Native American Pow Wow with LuAnn!


This is a BONUS day in addition to the 5 day of the certification program, with 2 additional nights of lodging and meals included!

Pow wow is on Sept 24, and you can continue your stay at CHI house till Sunday Sept 25


Course tuition includes lodging, meals Pow wow admission and airport transportation!


Requirements: to attend this course you must already hold a CPIA certification for 6 months or more prior to this course.


This DOUBLE Certification Includes:


The course starts reviews all the info in the most recent RED BOOK, including our unique bagua for the Southern Hemisphere.


The Advanced Interior Alignment Course enables you:

  • to deepen your understanding of the bagua and five elements

  • powerful ways to work with floor plans and distance consultations

  • enhanced ways to bring elements into a space beyond shape and color

  • secret methods to deepen your connection with clients that allow your work to be more powerful for them

  • advanced methods for protection of your energy while space clearing

  • a NEW Five Classification system that is relatable to corporate clients and another powerful tool for analyzing a space.


Medicine Wheel feng Shui Practitioner certification:

  • A different and powerful way to work with clients and their relationship to their home

  • Help clients understand their elemental clan, and what their soul craves in a home

  • Learn how the 4 elements of Air FIre Water and Earth can be used in a space to create balance, and also how to correct when they are out of balance

  • Use the power of the medicine wheel over the clients floorplan and home to adjust when the center of their wheel is out of balance, and affecting their life

  • Honoring the physical center, heart center and dynamic center of the home

  • Learn how to create medicine wheels with ceremony, to be used on an altar or placed over a whole home.

This Unique Experience Includes:


Magical  activities that include:

  • Making medicine wheels (small and large) as a way of creating prayer and gaining wisdom from the 4 directions.

  • Receiving your Native American drum in ceremony and enjoying a Drumming circle

  • Work deeply with rocks and crystals and learning about the use of our earth friends in our work, making gem elixirs and talisman jewelry

  • Make a Spirit stick that represents your journey as the Home Shaman

  • Doing a Mini Quest on my land, to connect with your Spirit Name or receive what ever information you most desire at this time.





The world needs  Interior Alignment® practitioners today than ever before.  As a feng shui practice that honors native traditions of all lands, understands 21st century living and health home practices, we are the best at making each home a sacred space!


While the 'feng shui' trend is back on the rise, according to Hay House, and there is a significant rise in conscious living, biofilic designs and Interior Alignment(R) is the system positions to assist people in this way.


Medicine Wheel Feng Shui with it's more commonly understood four element system, connects with people at a soul level, and works well in creating a consultation practice that is both simple, unique and powerful.
A part of this course  is receiving your gift of a Native American made Elk hide drum, and a ceremony to honor stepping into the role of the Advanced Practitioner, and a practitioner of Medicine Wheel Feng Shui.

This drum comes from a maker chosen by Denise Linn and her Way of the Drum booklet is a part of this gift. And... this is not the only gift that is a part of this class... gifts that empower you in your work as a practitioner!

This course includes an EXTRA DAY, to allow time to integrate your information. You can join LuAnn at the local Native America Pow wow for drumming, dancing and shopping, or choose to spend time in nature or visit other areas in Pittsburgh.


The Advanced Interior Alignment® and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui Curriculum:

The Advanced Interior Alignment® certification program is a 5 day training expanding on the core of your Interior Alignment practice.

The first section of this advanced course expands your connection to nature though sound, scent and pattern. The Synchro-Alignment® processes in this section provide profound journeys for your growth and connection to the divine.

You will truly be stepping into the role of the shaman, through shape shifting, and connection to all the element of nature. You will learn powerful journey to take your clients on to allow them to deepen their connection to their home, and their guides and guardians.

Your awareness will expand and deepen as you delve deeper into the art of client rapport, connect even more deeply with the energy of the earth, the air, the water and the fire. 

This course was written by Denise Linn, based on her best selling book  'Feng Shui for the Soul', with deeper inner work, invoking the process of more shamanic work and phenomenal methods to bring this information to life.

Medicine Wheel Feng Shui Certification

The second section of this course is teaching you specially how to perform a Medicine Wheel feng shui approach to a home or business.

This certification in  Medicine Wheel Feng Shui. This method uses the energy of the four elements to understand and harmonize a space, providing a new and powerful methods for doing consultations.

This is a unique, simple and powerful technique to use with clients who might not be interested in the traditional 5 element and Bagua approach, but connect more deeply with a four element system, and the cycles of nature. 


Denise Linn and LuAnn Cibik

have been working closely together

since 2003.


Read Student Experiences


About LuAnn Cibik


About Your Teacher, LuAnn Cibik



LuAnn has been a leading member of the Interior Alignment Foundation Council since appointed by Denise in 2004. She has been teaching her own certification programs since 2004,  and has assisted Denise at many courses such as the Weekend of Miracles events, Hay House I Can Do it events, and at the San Diego and London Soul Coaching Oracle Card Certification Program.


 LuAnn and her team organized the Interior Alignment Feng Shui conference of 2007, 2009, 2015 and 2017, 2019 as a platform for IA Practitioners to shine.


She has been on the Foundation Council for Interior Alignment sine it's inception in 2003 and is passionate about the empowerment of Interior Alignment(R) Practitioners, and especially is supportive of her students and graduates and their work in this world.

Tuition: $4100

Tuition includes all materials needed for two certifications as Advanced Interior Alignment and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui practitioner.  You  will receive the most recent edition of the IA Practitioner manual and much more!

Tuition also includes lodging at CHI house during the class, all meals, transportation from and back to the Pittsburgh Airport, Admission and transportation to the Pittsburgh POW WOW, and your gifts as a part of the course.

Register Early - Save your Space and SAVE MONEY!

Register by April 30, 2022 with a $1000 deposit and get $400 off your tuition!





What is a Pow wow?


The local Native American Pow Wow is a FUN event filled with dancing, drumming and vendors from all across the USA. There are competitions with participants in full regalia. It's a beautiful event to watch and cheer on your favorite performers. There are food vendors, as well as many craft vendors, with jewelry, tools, clothing music and more.


It is a day when people of all races and beliefs come together as brothers and sister to celebrate the beauty and bounty of Mother Earth.


We will arrive for opening ceremony on Saturday at noon and leave at 5pm. I find that attending the Pow wow allows new Medicine Wheel grads to understand even more about Native culture, be inspired on ways to work with your drum, and even purchase native made items.


If you choose to not attend the Pow wow with the class, you will have the day to relax at CHI house and the 88 acres of woodlands and meadows, and integrate your information from the course. Or you wish to return home early, and I can arrange your transportation to the airport.



Course Withdrawal Policy:

    Sometime the currents of life shift and change. In case of student withdrawal:

  • If cancellation is any time on or before August 1, 2022, a full refund will be issued, minus a $100 processing fee. 
  • If the cancellation after August 1,  the deposit / tuition payment can be applied to an upcoming course, or a portion of the deposit/ tuition may be refunded based on the amount of supplies that have already been purchased for the class.
  • If the participant must cancel after Sept 15, no refund on the tuition is issued. However the student may apply their tuition to a future certification course by LuAnn. A portion of the tuition may not be transferable based on the amount of lodging and supplies  that have already been purchased/reserved  for the class,
  • If a student needs to leave the onsite course due to an emergency, they may come back to the next scheduled same certification level class at Inner Harmony and take the onsite portion to attain their certification free of charge. If they wish to compete training sooner, they may schedule private makeup sessions, which will be at an addition fee based on number of days needed, food and lodging. ***DUE TO COVID, if your cancellation and rescheduling is COVID related there is no additional fee to train later privately!

More From Graduates of the Advanced IA program!



LuAnn is a phenomenal teacher and mentor. You not only complete her courses as a competent practitioner, but also as a better version on you!  LuAnn is inspiring in her courses and her teaching style is made to dive deeply into your own self, so you can pass on the skills and breathe of knowledge to others. 

Her courses, whether it be a full week immersed into Interior Alignment or a weekend focused on your own inner harmony; you always learn so much more about yourself, your strengths, wisdom and the values your hold close.

 Nicole P. - AIA/MWFS 2017


Dawn Gettig and LuAnn

AIA/MWFS class Aug 2009


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from LuAnn's Students



I loved learning it all and had a fun week.

LuAnn's training helped me clearly see how to strengthen my weaknesses and increase my wisdom and strengths in turn helping my clients more. I had many Ah Ha moments and attribute that to LuAnn's intuitive ability to tune into my needs and my vision of my path. The whole week, many questions I had and ideas seemed to fit together like a puzzle which amazed me. I gained greater clarity and empowerment due to the program and LuAnn's teaching abilities.

Denise's new material of Advanced Interior Alignment and the Medicine Wheel Feng Shui is fascinating, brilliant, useful, innovative and yet incorporates very ancient wisdom. She has very generously shared her vision and knowledge through this material. Many, many tools and info are given in this training. I can see my clients benefiting from these methods and I certainly did immediately. I have already applied some AIA and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui in my laboratory - my home!

Denise's new material and LuAnn's teaching of it took me to a deeper level of understanding nature, energy, guides, Synchro-Alignments, how to help my clients and on and on. I loved learning the shamanistic journey and I adore my beautiful, powerful Native American drum... a gift from IA.

My already close connection to nature just got deeper and even more magical. I have come out of this training a new person with new strong tools to work with. I feel more powerful which is a blessing.

I am so grateful to Interior Alignment and Denise Linn and to my teacher LuAnn. Thank You, Thank You! "

~ Dawn Gettig, AIA/MWFS, Aug 2009








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