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Private training is available for all certification courses, and for many of my online programs.


Just contact me for details!

INTERIOR ALIGNMENT® Certification Programs offered through PRIVATE and PERSONAL Instruction

All the following programs can be taken with me privately, and I love working with students in this way. It gives us the opportunity to really fine tune all your gifts and talents and focus on how you will implement them in your life.

While private training is may be expensive than training with a class, it provides you with many benefits, such as one on one attention, feng shui consultation of your own spaces by LuAnn, customization of the program to expand on the curriculum areas of most interest, and much more.

Private training occurs at my office and wellness center location of Inner Harmony/Inner Strength. Our center is located on 30 beautiful acres in rural Pennsylvania and class time can be both inside my office and outdoors in the fields and meadows and we learn as we hike along streams or explore and sense the energy of antique stores. A  benefit you can enjoy through private training is that we can schedule it at our mutual convenience, you choose your accommodations and meal location, as this is not an all inclusive tuition price. Choose one of the quaint B&B's around town, or one of our more upscale hotels in the area. You may also choose to stay at our retreat house, called CHI house, and have lodging included in your tuition price. this can truly be customized to be the experience you desire.

I look forward to speaking with you about this opportunity. Please call me at 724-316-2428 today! I only accept a few private training students per year.


Interior Alignment® Certification

Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing


Become certified in Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing privately with LuAnn.


You will complete 6 internet based concepts and applications with LuAnn as your private tutor.

In your own home and own timing, complete reading assignments, and use your own home as your laboratory for change.


Once your internet portion is completed, you will spend 4 days with LuAnn to complete your certification.  You will stay at her retreat home, called CHI House, allowing you to relax and enjoy your training experience, and deepening your connection with nature on her 30 acre home.


During this time. you will create and perform actual blessing ceremonies, build meaningful altars, practice with many tools, include bells, drums, crystals and essential oils. You will learn many techniques for space clearing and working on your Synchro-Alignment skills with clients, as well as to better understand yourself and connect with the energy of your surroundings.


Contact LuAnn for Tuition details    

Graduates are a Certified Practitioner of Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing, Interior Alignment®, allowing them  to join the Interior Alignment Worldwide organization of practitioners. This free membership to a group of sacred space and feng shui practitioners is unique and wonderful benefit to our program.


Interior Alignment® Certification  

Instinctive Feng Shui


Become certified in Instinctive Feng Shui privately with LuAnn. You will complete 6 internet based concept and applications lessons In your own home and own timing, complete reading assignments, question and answer calls with LuAnn and make powerful changes in your life with personal online consultation with LuAnn and using your new knowledge!


Once your internet portion is completed, you will spend 4 days with LuAnn to complete your certification.


During this time. work with both traditional feng shui concepts like the five element system and using the bagua to assess the energy impact on both homes and businesses, and other ancient practices to shift energy.


Experience working with clients for using Synchro Alignment skills, and conducting a full consultation. We will work with colors, symbols, astrology, numerology, and incorporate information on healthy homes.

We will tour the local area, looking at the natural and manmade influence of qi on a space. You  will learn many techniques to sense and work with the energy of a space, and skills to strengthen your ability to sense energy.

Graduates are a Certified Practitioner of Instinctive Feng Shui  Interior Alignment


Contact LuAnn for Tuition details     


Interior Alignment® Certification  CPIA

Become certified in

Instinctive Feng Shui and

Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing


You will complete 12 internet based concept and application lessons with LuAnn as your private tutor, with reading assignments,  and conference calls to answer any of your questions along the way.


This allows you to work from your own home, using your own home as a practice tool for learning the basics before even leaving home.


Once your internet portion is completed, you will spend 7 days with LuAnn at her office and Wellness center in Western Pennsylvania to complete your certification, by working on actual consultations, space clearings and working on your Synchro-Alignment skills with clients.  You may choose to stay at CHI house, her retreat home, and even have a personal chef create your daily meals.


As a private student, you experience a feng shui distance consultation with LuAnn, as well as special guided journeys and coaching services are a part of your course, with one on one private attention.


Contact LuAnn for Tuition details    

Many private student elect to also include a day of tour Frank  Lloyd Wrights Falling water and Kentuck know as well as visiting the white buffalo at Nemacolin as a part of their training experience.

Ask about all the options and pricing when you contact LuAnn to find out more!



Medicine Wheel Feng Shui


Interior Alignment® ADVANCED TRAINING and




Become certified in Advanced Interior Alignment® and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui  privately with LuAnn. This course is a 5 day intensive onsite course, where we connect with nature in powerful and moving ways.  This life changing course connects you with the power of the four elements, and gives you new five elements tools to use with clients.


Training with me privately gives you the benefit of one on one attention, as we also use the concepts of Medicine Wheel Feng Shui in evaluating your home, from new perspectives, to further empower and enhance your career and life.


This course is mean to re-ignite your passion for working with the energy of spaces, working with clients, and following your path as the shaman of spaces and places...



Contact LuAnn for Tuition details 





Interior Alignment®  Master Teacher Training


"I would love to be your Master Educator for the Master Teacher training. Having just certified Master Teacher Karen Quant in Australia, Sharon Breslin of New Zealand, and Felicia D'haiti and Christy Roberts, here in the USA; I consider it a very  sacred honor to induct new Master Teachers into the world. 


Becoming a Master Teacher of Interior Alignment® is a very special level of certification, one for the serious practitioner ready to embrace the mantle of teacher.


Our Master Teachers share their knowledge and experience of all aspects of Interior Alignment, from the principles of Feng Shui and the beauty of ceremony to the power of Synchro-alignment.


While a Master Teacher has no obligation to hold certification courses, we in Interior Alignment® hold our Master Teacher candidates to a level of compassion, excellence and integrity that exemplifies the spirit of Interior Alignment® in both knowledge and action.

I  invite you to become part of the next generation of Interior Alignment® Master Teachers, allowing our practices to be shared throughout the world.


The criteria and application form for Master Teacher Training can be found on the Interior Alignment website.

All MTIA certification programs have 6 days of curriculum and are onsite courses. I currently offer private training at our mutual convenience. And, I love to plan the course in a way to sets you up for future students!

I would love to speak with you about our training options. You can register for my program after the IA review committee has approved your application.


I look forward to working with you on this magnificent journey!




About my MTIA program:

Let's chat about where you would like your training program to be held, where we can learn in nature, soak up the sun, wind, water and earth, and enjoy this magical journey together!


Please take a look at my upcoming certification programs, as we may create your training at the same time for your to get a great hands on experience with being a Master teacher!

Contact me today!



Interior Alignment® Feng Shui &  Space Clearing Certification