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Become a Professional Feng Shui &

Space Clearing Practitioner.


Empower your life through the ability to sense and work with Chi, accessing your intuition

and harness the power of nature.

Become a part of the Interior Alignment® School of Practitioners!


2017 May - August Feng shui & Space Clearing Certification


2017 - Sept Advanced Interior Alignment &

Medicine Wheel Feng Shui certification


Create homes and offices that make Hearts Sing!


Upcoming Soul Coaching® Practitioner Certification Programs


become a very special kind of life coaching that helps people focus on their true life mission and clear the blockage from their life holding them back from true success and joy!

Become a part of the Soul Coaching® School of Practitioners!


2017 May  Soul Coaching® Practitioner


2017 July  Soul Coaching® Practitioner in Erie PA


Personal Enrichment Workshops 

Coming this spring: Fashion Feng Shui

Calendar of Events


"I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Master Teacher LuAnn Cibik


For more Details please email  or  call 724-316-2428


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LuAnn is one of the few worldwide

Master Teachers & Educators of Interior Alignment®.


LuAnn has been a passionate member of the Interior Alignment® Foundation council since 2004, a host on the Interior Alignment® Weekly radio show since 2013,

and is an avid cheerleader for her graduates!

She has taught feng shui and space clearing

certification programs worldwide, and at various leading feng shui schools in the USA since 2003.

She is a recent speaker and organizer for the Living in Alignment feng shui conference of 2015.

She is still a full time and active practitioner who brings real life examples to the study of space and energy.

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